Today I’d like to highlight one of my all-time favorite dishes; it’s a simple and delicious dish that I’ve been making for myself since I was a teenager. It’s also healthy for you, too, which is yet another really good reason to make it.

Stir Fried Green Peppers

All you need are:

vegetable oil

1 green pepper

2-3 cloves of garlic, peeled


And all you need to do is:

1. Heat oil in large frying pan.

2. Cut green pepper in half and remove core and seeds. Cut into thin strips. Mince garlic cloves (I use a garlic press – so easy).

3. Add green pepper to hot oil in pan. Cook for about a minute. Add minced garlic and continue cooking until green peppers are soft but still crunchy. (The reason you want to add the garlic after the green pepper is to avoid burning the garlic. You’ll get far more garlicky goodness, and you won’t get that bitterness that happens when garlic gets too brown.)

4. Salt to taste.

And that’s it! We always keep both green pepper and garlic on hand, and whenever I’m feeling the munchies, I’ll fry this up for myself as a snack. It takes just minutes, and it’s so delicious.