Ward and I are planning on entertaining more regularly, so we’ve been having fun trying out more appetizers and other party-type recipes. We came across a recipe for Poached Shrimp with Spicy Mayo and Garlic Breadcrumbs in the Aug/Sept 2009 issue of Fine Cooking; it was part of a party menu, and we thought we’d give it a try, even though neither of us are particularly fond of mayonnaise.

And now? I don’t know about Ward, but I’m a mayo convert, if it’s this delicious version of mayonnaise.

We didn’t use peeled shrimp with the tail still intact. Initially we had the shrimp, mayo and breadcrumbs set out in three different plates:

Poached shrimp

Poached Shrimp

Spicy mayo

Spicy Mayo

Garlic Breadcrumbs

Garlic Breadcrumbs

But we discovered it was much easier to arrange the shrimp, mayo and breadcrumbs together on an appetizer plate:

Shrimp with Spicy Mayo & Garlic Breadcrumbs

We will definitely be serving this at our next get-together. To make things easier for everyone, we’re planning on skewering the poached shrimp onto bamboo skewers, placing the skewers on a plate and topping with the mayo and breadcrumbs. But it really doesn’t matter how you serve this dish – it is very tasty and should go over well as an appetizer.