Nova Scotia We’re back from holidays in Nova Scotia – we spent two weeks at a beautiful oceanfront cottage just outside the town of Shelburne. Unlike last year, when we tried out several of the local restaurants, this year the cottage we rented had a much larger kitchen and we were able to feast on homemade meals made with local ingredients.

Fresh Seafood

Nova Scotia is famous for its lobster, and we bought lobster several times. Ward made lobster rolls and also a very lovely lobster, clam and mussel bake. We even had lobster as a “snack” one night!

Lobster, Clam and Mussel Bake

Lobster, Clam and Mussel Bake

Digby, Nova Scotia, is known for its scallops, so scallops also played a large role in our meals. One night Ward made a lovely ceviche using big plump Digby scallops.



Before we left, Ward perfected steamed mussels – he steams the mussels in a wine-based broth, and the results are always delicious.

Mussels were very inexpensive, so we had steamed mussels several times. We discovered that Ward’s steamed mussels were much better than the ones we had at a local restaurant; they also used a wine-based sauce but our guess is that they weren’t quite as liberal with the wine as Ward is.

We also ate plenty of steamed clams. The clams were a bit more expensive than the mussels but well worth it – clams have always been a personal favorite of mine. The one problem we had was with sand in the clams; Ward’s going to try a salt water soak the next time he finds clams at the grocery store.

Ward also made a fabulous seafood chowder: it was creamy with wonderfully large chunks of haddock, lobster, scallops and shrimp.

Seafood Chowder Seafood Chowder

Rappie Pie

Frozen rappie pieLast year when we were in Nova Scotia, we tried rappie pie, a traditional Acadian dish made of potatoes and chicken. Because we weren’t able to visit Yarmouth, Nova Scotia,  last year (the region is called Yarmouth and Acadian Shores), we had to make do with frozen rappie pies we discovered in the frozen foods section of the local grocery store.

This year, we did visit Yarmouth, and while there we sampled rappie pie at a local restaurant. We also purchased the frozen version a couple of pies – yes, I really like rappie pie! We actually discovered the frozen version was more flavorful than the version we had at the restaurant. We picked up a local Acadian cookbook, and Ward will be trying his hand at making rappie pie here at home.