Planning our Thanksgiving dinner for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend last week was a lot of fun.

Belle wanted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, turkey, stuffing, gravy and veggies. I would rather have tried something a little more avant garde so I decided to do something different with the turkey.

Our daughter is vegetarian so along with the usual sausage stuffing and turkey gravy I also made a vegetarian stuffing and gravy.

The vegetarian gravy turned out to be the hit as somehow I messed up on the turkey gravy; I think I didn’t cook the roux long enough. Truth be told, I think I mixed up the two in my mind as I was cooking and thought the lighter colour looked right for the vegetarian gravy when in fact it was the turkey gravy!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Appetizer– Crab Stuffed mushrooms

Amuse Bouche — Asparagus Mousse on a Chinese Spoon¬† ( I knew we did not have enough Chinese spoons for everyone so I put the mousse in sake cups)

Starter:  The Ultimate Onion Soup

Main Course:


I’ll be writing posts with recipes and pictures for most of these dishes, so if you’re interested in seeing what I did with these specific dishes, please check back throughout this week. I’ll also be updating this post with additional links as I blog further about the actual dishes.