Monday night was my birthday, and everyone asked that eternal question: what would you like to do on your birthday? I decided to pick something for everyone, so we went out for an early dinner at East Side Mario’s (it made the kids happy, and I got to have funnel cake with ice cream for dessert).

And then we came home and Ward got right to work preparing a little mini-feast of Japanese appetizers; later that night, we watched The Watchmen and feasted on Asian Rare Beef Salad, Beef and Shrimp/Pork and Shrimp gyozas, Fried Prawn Balls and Cubes and Marinated Raw Tuna:


The Coffee Table is Set for the Mini-Feast


Fried Prawn Cakes


Rare Beef Salad


Cubed and Marinated Raw Tuna



It was definitely my idea of a perfect birthday feast!