Twice-Baked Stuffed Potatoes

On the menu tonight:

Rib Eye Marchand de Vins: lovely rare rib-eye steaks with a sauce made from a pan reduction of shallots, stock, thyme and a good red wine.

Corn Griddle Cakes: a simple corn pancake.

Rum-Glazed Plantains: Rum and brown sugar, grilled until the sugar caramelizes a little.

These three recipes were from The New Steak, by Cree LeFavour. The cooking times for the rib-eye seemed a bit off to us, especially since we like steak rare, so Ward adapted things somewhat.

We also had:

Arabian spinach: a quick stir-fry of spinach, onions, spices and chick peas. Perfect for our daughter who’s a vegetarian, and a great side dish for us. From The Ultimate Vegetarian Cookbook, by Roz Denny.

Twice-baked potatoes: the perfect baked potato, excellently seasoned with exactly the right amount of butter. From The Best Vegetable Recipes, from the editors of Cook’s Illustrated.

All in all, quite a nice meal. Maybe a little too much food on the plate, but we’re a very good household for leftovers, since we’ve got two teenagers!


Corn Griddle Cakes