Washing up

A while ago I was on Jamie Oliver’s web site and he asked the question, should the person doing all the cooking have to do the cleaning up too?

I thought this was a very interesting question. I love to cook and I love things clean but I don’t like the idea of cleaning up after dinner. I wash my utensils, pots, pans and measuring things as I’m cooking (in case I might need them again) and I always wash my knives myself, too – don’t anyone else even think of touching them!

But after the dinner or meal, I really don’t feel up to cleaning up, put leftovers away or put away the dishes that I have washed.

What do you think? Do you think the cook/chef should have to do the cleaning up too and why?

Belle’s note: In case you’re thinking poor Ward has to do all the washing up, I’ll just add here that I clean up the kitchen after dinner. It’s my audiobook time – wouldn’t want to miss out on that!