After months of thinking about this, Ward and I have decided to move this blog over to it’s own account on our server – and we made the decision not to port over all the old Muse in the Kitchen posts.

It helped that the database went wonky on us. We didn’t feel up to having to fix any complications that might arise during the move, so we decided that a fresh start would be best.

And ultimately, it makes sense (to us, anyway!). When I first started Muse in the Kitchen three years ago, it was just me here, blogging in a rather desultory fashion. I didn’t really cook all that much – I just loved food. And when Ward caught the cooking bug a year ago, it was great. I finally had stuff to write about!

But Muse in the Kitchen never felt like it was ours. There were too many posts in the archives that really didn’t fit in with this new, wonderful direction we were taking in our lives. Worlds were opening up for us, but the blog didn’t feel like a good fit.

So now, with this fresh start, we’ll be able to start from scratch and create a new home online together. And that feels right.

I’ll occasionally re-post older recipes from our archives, as I do have backups, so not all of last year has been lost. But in the meantime, it’s on with the cooking!