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Dunbarton Culinary Chef Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving to all our cooking and foodie friends in the States! We hope you’re having a fabulous time today feasting with your family and friends.~ Belle and Ward

Last night, I went to the the Dunbarton Culinary Chef Challenge. It was a fantastic event. Run by our local high school, the idea was to see [...]

America’s Most Wanted Recipes Taste Test!

Late last week we received our copy of America’s Most Wanted Recipes – unfortunately a little too late to allow us to take part in the America’s Most Wanted Recipes Taste Test blog event that was held on September 14.
But we decided to continue with our taste test anyway – there are a lot of [...]

We’re Playing Martha Mondays!

Well, Ward doesn’t know this yet, because I just signed us up, but he’ll enjoy all of the cooking challenges, I know. My friend Brette over at Martha and Me is holding a fun new event called Martha Mondays. Update: to sign up, click here – this will let Brette know you’re interested in playing. [...]

Bloggiesta: Limping Across the Finish Line

Yes, it was tough, but Muse in the Kitchen is finally limping over the Bloggiesta finish line!
Ward and I didn’t get very many of the things on our list done. We both have our excuses, of course. We gave Ward the new iPhone as an early Father’s Day gift on Friday, and since then he [...]

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge Intentions

There’s a very inspiring list of mini-challenges up on the Bloggiesta post at MawBooks, and I’m feeling very motivated. Here are the challenges that I’m hoping to complete for Muse in the Kitchen over the next two days:
DONE:The Clean up your feedreader challenge at The Book Lady’s Blog. I have a separate Google Reader [...]

It’s Bloggiesta Time!

Natasha at MawBooks is hosting a Bloggiesta this weekend, and we thought it would be a great way to help us jumpstart Muse in the Kitchen which has been seriously trailing behind in posts ever since we changed to a different account on our server.
I say “we”, but the truth is that Ward has [...]