blogiestaYes, it was tough, but Muse in the Kitchen is finally limping over the Bloggiesta finish line!

Ward and I didn’t get very many of the things on our list done. We both have our excuses, of course. We gave Ward the new iPhone as an early Father’s Day gift on Friday, and since then he has been really, really busy in gadget heaven. We also got new furniture delivered this morning, so he spent most of yesterday cleaning out various rooms in the house to make space for the new stuff (he didn’t even have time to cook! We had take-out, Thai and Japanese.)

As for me? Same old story. Deadlines. My book blog. And my writing. But now I have a very good idea where we’ll be taking Muse in the Kitchen, and the motivation to simply start on our to-do list was one of the best things ever – we’ll be working through our list (and adding more as we go) for the rest of this week (at the very least!).

So here’s the original list, with what we’ve accomplished crossed off:

  • brainstorm a new feature that will make full use of our very large cookbook library Our new feature will be called The Cookbook Shelf
  • brainstorm a new feature that will highlight all new cookbook additions to our library Not very original, but it does the job: New Cookbook Arrival
  • search out fun food-related blog memes and events. I crossed off half, because I found some, but I’d like to find more.
  • update out-of-date plugins
  • upload and activate new plugins
  • add newsletter subscribe code to sidebar
  • create new food blogs links page
  • create new tags archive page
  • tidy up Twitter account and start Twittering more at @museinkitchen
  • organize and catalog pictures on hard drive so I can easily find the right picture to match different recipes
  • brainstorm new features that will help me to blog here more regularly New feature: Muse Archives. I’ll be blogging posts from our archives, which we didn’t move when we moved to this new account on our server.
  • various template tweaks Cleaned up the sidebar and added gravatars and threaded comments to the comments section.
  • add more food blogs to feed reader

We only completed one mini-challenge, too, unfortunately: The Book Lady’s Blog: Clean up your feedreader.

But it was fun, and hopefully the next time we’ll be able to clear off time on our calendar to really roll up our sleeves and party with everyone!