nectarine-cake-1 One thing about loving to eat and being married to a man who loves to cook and bake – life takes on this almost magical “my every wish fulfilled” quality.

The other day the latest issue of Gourmet magazine arrived in the mail. My job around here is to look through cookbooks and magazines and decide what I’d like to have for dinner. So I decided to sit outside in the sunshine and look through the magazine – and I found this recipe for Nectarine Golden Cake.

I said, “Oh, look at that! Doesn’t that look so good?” or something along those lines.

Yesterday, this is what came out of the oven (well, after I cut off my first slice):


And this is what my first slice looked like:


Ward says the recipe’s really easy, and best of all, of course, is that it makes use of all those lovely local nectarines that are available right now.

As for how it tastes – it was simply delicious. A lovely mingling of sweetness with the slightly fruity tartness of nectarines. Needless to say, it’s a day later now, and there’s no more of the cake left. Yes, it was that good.